High quality belting and a high level of service on site go hand in hand. Any belt fitted incorrectly can become and ongoing expense in time and money.
We have designed our vulcanizing service around total knowledge of the conveyor. Our vulcanizers are fully trained fitters with experience to spot potential problems. They are also flexible enough to either fix the problem there and then or flag the problem on the job report and arrange to have solution put in place.
Our vulcanizers have been taken from the conveyor maintenance field and have been highly trained in vulcanizing and conveyor safety. They have the ability to “get the job done” even in adverse conditions while never sacrificing safety or quality.
Our crews work out of mobile workshops with metal cutting and welding and day-to-day spares always available on site. They have, of course, also the latest equipment for vulcanizing ensuring job is efficient and reliable.
We have also got the experience to vulcanize specialised belts including UsFlex, heat resistant, oil resistant belting, fire resistant and extra wear resistant belting. Using original jointing packs from Dunlop we can ensure that these specialized joints are as reliable and to the same specification as the original belt.
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