On-site-clippingNot every machine allows for a belt to be vulcanized, and clipping gives you the fastest possible method of getting up and running again. Once properly  installed fasteners will offer a reliable long-lasting joint.
Our fitters are capable of assessing each application in order to specify and fit the correct fastener every time. We can choose from the wide range of Flexco fastener and give you the flexibility of using the whole range without having to buy the installation tools.
In addition we can also carryout more complex clipped joints with countersunk clips, bias joints and clips vulcanized into the belt.
Repairs can be made to any existing belt, and depending upon the application they can be carried out with fasteners, cold vulcanized or hot vulcanized. Our vulcanizers are capable of accurately assessing the damage to the belt and proceeding with an appropriate repair which will extend the life of the belt and perform reliably.
Note: The Flexco range of belt fasteners includes several alternatives for use with Metal Detectors. However these are largely based upon the detector being a ferrous based. If the detector picks-up all metals the only solution is to vulcanize, which we can carry out on-site.
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