Ceramic LaggingWorn drum lagging quickly translates into belt slippage, downtime and loss of production. As time goes on the problem increases as the heat generated hardens the old lagging or the laggings begins to rip from the drum.
The easiest solution is to re-lag the drum either on-site or in our workshop. Our site vulcanizers are capable of assessing a lagging job and deciding the best way of going about it. Often if the belt is being changed the drum can be done in situ but if the belt can not be removed the job becomes more complex and removing the drum is then often the quickest way.
We can also fit our full range of drum lagging, including Slide-Lag(R), Redi-Lagg(TM), Bond-on Rubber and Ceramic lagging. In addition we can use shaped lagging to add or modify a crown on a drum in order to improve belt tracking.
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