Chute lining is a quick and easy way to dramatically extend the service life of steel chutes and aprons in Rubber Chute Lininghigh wear applications.
We have a wide range of chute lining available including wear resistant rubber, Super wear resistant Polyurethane, Low Friction Polyethylene (with and without additives), Steel plate backed rubber, ceramic tiles and Sancic Extremely high wear resistant metal.
This diverse range means that we must be proficient in many different application methods. Our fitters are fully trained and fully capable of fitting any or our chute lining products. The are also capable of assessing the application and using the appropriate method of fixing such as bolting, cold vulcanizing or welding.
Correctly fitted lagging can extend chute service life, improve the clean flow of material and make the lagging easier to replace as a wear part. This saves the heavy duty structural steel work required to reline steel chutes with steel plate.
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