Rockline Scraper in actionA poorly fitted scraper rapidly becomes an on-going problem. Modern cleaners have very specific tolerances for installation locations. If they are simply fitted where the last unit was or where it is convenient, it can lead to incorrect blade wear, poor cleaning results and even damage to the unit itself.
Our fitters have been trained by the manufacturers and have gained experience by regularly fitting all of our scraper range in a wide range of conveyor applications. They can assess the situation, fabricate any parts needed and install the cleaner according to manufacturers specifications. If the cleaner can not be installed correctly, we can advise modifications or suggest a different cleaner,  but the cleaner will not be installed in the wrong position. 
Fitting the scraper is only half of the job. Initially the scraper requires a spot check after 1-2 weeks and then periodically after that.
So many scrapers are installed and not maintained. They work well initially but then as the blade wears out and adjustments are not made their performance suffers. This often results in an expensive scraper unit replacement when replacement tips could have solved the problem. We can operate a range of services in scraper maintenance from “pay per call” maintenance visits to complete fitting and service contracts. These packages ensure that the scrapers perform to their full capability reducing the costs associated with clean up, poor tracking, belt damage and scraper damage which all follow from poor cleaner maintenance.
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