Heavy Duty Wear ProtectionWherever there is material moving, there is wear. Different products and applications require different solutions and we offer a broad range of products to cater for the diverse requirements.

Every application is different and we work closely with out customers to arrive at the appropriate solution for each case. This can range from simple wear resistant rubber or polyurethane which can be bolted or bonded into place, right through to specialized steel backed linings in rubber or ceramic for primary or very high wear applications. We represent Sandvik for wear protection, and their innovative products combined with excellent technical knowledge allow us to provide the full package of planning, design, manufacture, fitting and maintenance. 

We also offer several options which can be fitted without any specialized tools or experience. Products such as the Sandvik Dual Hardness wear modules allow your fitters to install rubber linings up to 50mm thick, which previously was only achievable through custom made steel backed lining. Sheet rubber and polyurethane is also available with fabric or steel re-enforcement, enabling it to be "hung" in the hopper with very simple installation. 


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