Lagging_133Applied to conveyor pulleys, drum lagging improves traction, water shedding, tracking and reduces wear. We stock a wide range of bonded and weld-on drum lagging for a wide variety of applications. 

Core to this range is the Redi-Lagg (TM) which is a heavy duty weld-on lagging using retainer strips. This allows you to easily change the lagging at the end of its service life, without having to re-weld the entire lagging. Redi-Lagg (TM) is available in both standard rubber and ceramic versions which can outlast rubber by up to 8 times. 

We also provide drum lagging for bonding to the drum. This process is better carried out by professionals, and we can offer an in-house or on-site bonding service. This range comprises everything from light duty 6mm rubber through to the heaviest duty Ceramic lagging.



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