Flexco Bolt Plate VP Rubber CoveredFlexco have been synonymous with the belt fastener since its inception, and have celebrated 100 years as belt fasteners manufacturers. Today they
have expanded their range to not only provide an extremely extensive range of belt fasteners, but now have an entire range of belt maintenance products.

The Flexco belt fastener range provides everything from the very lightest (1mm thick belting) through to the very heaviest solutions for primary applications. They use a range of fixing systems including staples, rivets and bolts which ensures that the correct product is available for any application.

We stock the following belt fastener ranges:-

  • Flexco Bolt Plate ( in Steel, Everdue, Stainless Steel, MegAlloy and VP Rubber Topped Versions)
  • Flexco Rivet Hinge ( in Steel and MegAlloy Versions)
  • Flexco Staple Hinge ( in Steel and Stainless Steel Versions)
  • Alligator Lacing (for Light Duty Belts)

In addition Flexco produce and extensive range of power and hand tools for the installation of these fasteners. Honed through continuious development the installation tools allow faster, more secure and safer installation of belt fasteners.

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