rocklin_ezp1Belt cleaning is wide and varied job with a wide range of options required depending upon the application, belt type, product carried and environmental conditions. We offer belt cleaners from Flexco and Sandvik allowing us a wide choice of cleaners ensuring that we have an option for every situation.

Flexco provide a wide range of scrapers under the Roclkine, Eliminator and Mineline banners. This range includes cleaners suitable for both clipped and vlucanized belts for light duty sand and gravel applications, right through to the heaviest and fastest mining conveyors. This range offers both PU and Tungsten Carbide tipped cleaners along with Felxco's C-Tip which is Tungsten carbide encased in steel and suitable for use with belt fasteners without damaging the scraper or the clips.

Sandvik Provide several niche cleaners including scrapers built specifically for Norberg and other mobile crushers, the MotoMax Powered Belt Cleaning Brush and the AirMax Air-cleaner which can clean damaged or uneven surfaces.

Essential to all belt cleaner is correct installation and maintenance. We are able to provide support and practical on-site assistance throughout planning, specification, installation and maintenance of belt cleaners. This ensures that the cleaner is functioning to it's full capacity and providing a return on investment, throughout it's entire lifetime. 

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