recycling_sm_2[1]Recycling is a continuous process, with waste constantly arriving so it is paramount that the smooth running of the plant is maintained. Added to this, the unpredictability of the waste itself makes recycling a highly demanding industry on conveyors.  

We have been present throughout the development of the the recycling industry in Ireland. From the early days, we have supplied this industry with high quality products and immediate service. We have developed a product range well suited to recycling catering for special requirements such as heavy abuse, sharp material, oil resistance and heat resistance. 

Service is paramount within the recycling industry, and we cater for this with large and varied stocks, a fast comprehensive in-house jointing service and full site jointing availablity. This gives us the ability to provide you with complete belts within hours. We can also supply these belts pre-manufactured with Rivet Hinge fasteners, enabling the belt to be fitted with a minimum of stripping and downtime.


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