Conveyor_belt_transporting_CoalProcessing and Chemical industries cover a wide range of products including cement, power generation and fertilizer industries. In these industries, conveyors become a key part of the wider process which is often run on a 24 hr basis. Expensive equipment, such as kilns, are dependent upon absolute reliability and unexpected downtime must be held to an absolute minimum. 

We cater for these demands by forming a strong partnership with the customer. Critical to success is understanding the process involved and how that process fits into the production line. We can then provide the technical knowledge for pre-shutdown inspections and regular maintenance plans helping you to make the most of your conveyors and you maintenance time. We can also guide you in planning emergency repairs and standby stocks, ensuring that you are ready for any breakdowns and that downtime is strictly limited. 

To cater for these diverse industries we can supply standard abrasion resistant belting, heat resistant belting, fire resistant belting and oil resistant belting. We also custom build specialized belts such as cleated or sidewalled belts to suit your particular application. All of these products come from the industry leaders in their fields. This, combined with our efficient service, enables us to cater for all applications and guarantee reliability in critical situations. 


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